Here you can find some attractions that are near to Luciano and it’s a must to visit them.
These destinations are like paradise therefore we guarantee that you will not be dissapointed. After the ride don’t forget to enjoy lunch in Luciano.

Grama Bay

Situated along the country’s spectacular Ionian coast, Grama Bay for sure represents an archaeological and historical background apart from its breathtaking beauty.

Gjipe Beach

Gjipe Beach is the perfect place for nature lovers and those who love activities and sports like hiking and camping. It has become a tradition for everyone to spend a night camping in Gjipe enjoying good company and music near the fire.

Pirates Cave

The famously cave in the southern Ionian Riviera has become a loving attraction for a great number of visitors through its gorgeous entrance, naturally constructed on the pink cliffside. 

St. Andrew’s Bay (Karaburun)

St. Andrew’s Bay is a  small but amazing bay. Its crystal waters and isolated position make it a perfect and absolutely peaceful place for everyone. Imagine  for a few moments you will definetely feel the owner of this bay!