Grama Bay

  • The Bay of Grama is a bay in the Ionian Sea situated along the Albanian Ionian Sea Coast on the Mediterranean Sea in Southern Europe.
  • The name of the bay is closely associated with the engraved inscriptions in the surrounding coastal cliffs; Grama for the Greek word for ‘letter’.
  • In antiquity the bay of Grama was the only safe cove along the coast west of the Ceraunian Mountains. The bay is home to precious archaeological, historical and cultural values, as it served as an important harbour and shelter for those sailing along the coast during classical antiquity.
  • On the vertical cliffs and rocks, there are numerous carved inscriptions in Ancient Greek, Latin and Medieval Greek.
  • During the Second World War, it was used as a base for the Special Operations Executive.
  • Representing a rocky bay, the shore is dominated by coastal cliffs, sloping vertically into the sea and rocky also pebbled beaches. It stretches within the Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park and was designated as a natural monument because of its outstanding landscape dotted with solutional and sea caves.
  • The precious landscapes of the bay are of global importance, because they contribute to the country’s ecological balance. They provide habitat for numerous globally threatened and endangered species. The sea caves are an exceptional ecosystem.