Gjipe Beach

Once Gjipe was a secret and undiscovered piece of South Riviera, today it’s one of the destinations everyone has in its to do list when visiting Albania. It’s one of the most beautiful and least crowded beaches along the Albanian Riviera because it can’t be reached so easily by car. How can you get in there?

  • Reaching Gjipe Beach by car is the one option for those who like Rally rides because you need a 4WD car to get in there because of the cliffy road.
  • For those who love nature and enjoy hiking Gjipe Beach lies just 5km from Vuno and there’s a beautiful coastal trail that leads all the way to Himara for those looking for a more active day trip. The route is 11km and takes you along the cliff tops to Jala and Livadhi, through tiny rural communities and past a number of incredibly beautiful coves. The last few kilometres before Jala are on the main road and it’s easy to hitchhike along this section if you’re looking to shorten the walk.
  • And another option for those who aren’t much into hiking or Rally is to get a boat or kayak from Dhermi or Himara direct to Gjipe Beach.

Once you are there you decide what activities will you choose, catching some rays in the sun, playing some beach games, exploring the caves or camping at night in the rithm of sea waves, music and good friends.